Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VirTual LeArNinG Vs EleCtroNic

ViRtual LeArning:
  • is a software systems designed to support teaching and learning in educational settings.
  • VLE will normally work over the internet and provide a collection of tools such as those for assessment, communication uploading of content return of students work, peer assessment, administration, of student groups, collecting and organizing student grades questionnaire.
  • VLE are helping to make sure that their learning is not confined to a particular building or restricted to any single location or moment.
  • VLE be used to refer to the components in which learners and tutors participitiate in "on line" interaction of various kinds including on line learning
Characteristic of Virtual Learning:
  • a physical learning environment generally integrates courses resources, formal communication and informal communication and an administration.
  • a virtual learning environment integrates a variety of tools supporting multiple functions information, communication collaboration,learning and management.

Electronic Learning
  • E-learning is a term that encompass all forms of technology enhanced learning (TEL)
  • The term e-learning is ambiguous to those outside the e-learning industry and even within its diverse discipline it has a different meanings to different people.

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