Thursday, March 18, 2010

OnLine CommunicAtion

Online Communication
  • is learning process is student-orientation or student-centered.
  • learning process using online which is find a information in world wide web.
  • student become dependent on what they want to learn
  • teachers role,are no longer teaching instead now they monitor the student's progress and make the certain that the student are on the right trick
  • the student centered learning leads to more flexible delivery, allow the students to shift the time, place and pace of learning
How learning process happens in E-learning
  • use two ways which synchronous and asynchronous
  • is in class
  • when learners and trainers separated by distance but meet at the same time
  • virtual images
  • videos conferencing
  • audio conferencing
  • text conferencing
  • When learners and trainers separated by distance and time
  • printed documents
  • training documents
  • announcements
  • online guidance

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